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Member and Representative of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Ashaiman Constitiency, Mr. Otoo has disclosed that a perusal of the current manifesto of the governing party indicates a picture of Ghana in a new direction in terms of development.

According to him in a panel discussion on the Green FM’s Abato) Road Show, he stated that the NPP manifesto is simple and clear such that the previous policies mentioned in the old manifesto are still up to the task.

 He said ‘…In fact, if you look at our manifesto now, we’ve indicated that this is what we wanted to do and we did it which means we are being honest with  Ghanaians…what we put in the current manifesto now, the things we said we will do, are the same things repeated in the current manifesto..’

In addition to this, he cited that the NPP policies are implementing to a transformational and developmental country as he cites sectors covering agriculture, education, free SHS etc. attributing that the government in power have not deviated from their policies.

Giving a view of a key area in the impact of the educational sector, Mr. Otto said ‘…we need people, we need capital, You need to develop the people to be able to have the knowledge to work within the transformation we are talking about. We need people to be part of the transformational agenda. You need to educate them and that is why we introduced the free SHS…’

In terms of agriculture, he stated that the NPP government have done a lot better than the immediate past party.

He details that under the planting of the food and jobs, there was a generation of rearing of food and jobs.

Mr. Otto added ‘In fact, when it comes to the…we have performed better. In fact, I have observed that things we laid down in our manifesto, we didn’t say the NDC have disputed. They have not disputed. What we have said is that theirs is ‘I will do this, I will do that’. That is all. And what I am letting you know is that we have submitted the facts and figures concerning agriculture so if we have seedlings at the time of 2016 if they were able to produce 24 metric tons of the seedlings to power; at 2016, and our time in 2019, we have produced 473.5 metric tons of seedlings..’

He revealed to host, Kofi Antwi Boasiako that comparing the new political parties’ manifesto, the NPP manifesto is poised at looking at a new direction and rather to drawing the NDC backwards.

He also explains that the NPP do have challenges in agriculture, hence, they are proud to say that the importation of foods and seedlings of maize and more has minimized since the cultivation and production of the 14 million seedlings.

Additionally, he revealed that they have made the school feeding program a success of which they introduced under former president, John Agyekum Kuffuor.

‘…right now, we can even export some to Burkina Faso…’ He proudly said.

Written By: Josephine Nana Adjoa Yeboah/

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