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Private schools are relevant because some of their programs are very much industry related than the public, their programs are relevant to the 31st century system. Counsellor Daniel Fenyi stated.

If any student thinks any program they want is industry related, they should then go to private universities but private universities should start rolling out better options in terms of their programs than the public ones so they can get more people to patronize them.

Aside the capacity levels, another challenge is the aggregate, where one would want to go to a particular university but the preferred program has its own cut off point which prevents them from gaining admission, so they look for other private university options.

Private schools should complement the public schools since they help them get students especially with those who did not do well in their WASSCE, but if the private schools are absorbing the weaker ones, there is no problem about it because that is how they step in but they should not start arguing about it. They are there to absorb these weaker ones as well as offer better course to attract students.

Since the coming of the free SHS, the private SHS are collapsing because the free SHS is absorbing all the students, therefore the public university can also absorb everyone through sandwich mode, distance learning mode or regular mode.

“I wish the government will pay the utility bill but going to private university is purely a voluntary decision, so if we call on government to now start responding to individual voluntary decisions, then I bet you government can’t run the nation”, but what the government can decide to do is bring a flat rate no matter the school, to give an amount to cover their utility bills unlike what they are asking for because it is not fair. Private schools should not think without them a lot of people will not go to university, since the public is not rolling their systems well. Written by Gadrey Philomena/

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