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One of the many promises outlined in the NDC’s peoples manifesto is the employment sector set aside to give employment opportunities to youths in the country.

The Former Deputy Finance Minister and the current spokesperson for job creation in the National Democratic Congress(NDC), Mrs. Mona Quartey has said that the NDC People’s manifesto 2020, shows what the NDC intends to do in the next four (4) years when NDC is elected into power is that there will be jobs, prosperity and more and this is the theme of the people’s manifesto.

She added that, the manifesto is an accumulation of what the people of Ghana has said they want to see over the next four (4) to five (5) years so what NDC has in heart is to create decent jobs with decent wages “…because for many years’ now people are working but are not earning decent wages of salaries, their salaries do not take them to the end of the month so we are looking at creating sustainable and decent jobs…”.

In an interview on the Anopa Bosuo show- Green FM, Mrs. Mona said that NDC’s first project is what term as the ‘Adwuma Pa’ which is linked to the 10-billion-dollar Big Push promise which is Rapid Infrastructure Development.

“I’m sure that all of you have seen that Ghana needs infrastructure, more roads, more Ports, more Airports, more buildings that will be used for all source of businesses, this will make us attractive for foreign investors and locally investors to do their businesses in this country well.

Again she explains that, there is no doubt the private sector is still the engine of growth and the country must have the infrastructure in place to make life or business easy for the private sector.

“Spending 10billion dollar over the next 4 or 5 years will and turn creating two hundred and fifty thousand jobs for people. So by the end of the four years there will be one million job created these job will be in the area of construction and many other areas that will come out as having the infrastructure in place that is the big thing we are looking at in creating jobs…”.

She concluded that in the public sector today, 650,000people are employed in the public sector but still the public sector is not sustaining the economy as it should. 

Written by: Nyarko Yaa Sarkodie/

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