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A special audit report by the Ghana Auditor General

Ghana’s payroll has shown the 21 Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) were unable to provide evidence of the appointment of the 7,823 employees between June 2018 and January 2020.

This cost the country an amount of Ghc. 467,634,792.

Speaking on the Anopa Bosuo Morning Show, the Executive Director of the Alliance for Social and Public Accountability (ASEPA), Mr. Thompson Mensah expressed his disappointment in the public sector reform secretariat which is heeded by Mr. Thomas Kusi-Boafo.

According to him, he was excited when the secretariat was formed and identified that the problem was not just about the payroll but rather ensuring that there is efficiency and productivity in the public sector.

Government formed the Public Reform Secretariat with Mr. Kusi-Boafo as thehead and has its office at the office of the president”

“I was one of the people who was happy about this public Sector in this country”

“The problem was not just about the payroll, the problem was ensuring productivity and efficiency in the Public Sector…That is, putting systems andmechanisms in place to track efficiency productivity”

He then challenged the public sector reform secretariat to point out their achievement since the introduction. Speaking on the subject matter on the same program, Mr. Kusi-Boafo, Head of The Public Sector Secretariat explained that the Auditor-General’s discovery is part of the institutions being used to check corruption in the country.

He also identified that, “the major problem is that when someone quits his or herjob at the public sector, it takes a while for the name to be taken off the payroll.

For all you know, all those names identified may not be necessarily have withdrawn the money but may be in the accounts and may have been returned to Government’s coffers.

At every point in time, people resigned, die and may even travel overseas without notifying the government.” 

After the Host of the program, Kofi Asante Mensah probed if that was not the responsibility of his outfit, Mr. Boafo suggested that , “that is why we haveintroduced the National Identification. If the NIA completes its work, it will be linked with the national payroll so that the moment someone dies, the software will trigger, that is if the ones National Identification number is taken by a certified doctor at the hospital of death, it will show in our system”.

He concluded that, “until we build that system, we shall continue to use the Auditor General and continue to use the institutions available”.

By: Yaa Nyarko Sarkodie

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