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Raymond of Date Rush fame fights another guy over Cilla


One male contestant of the popular Date Rush Reality Show, Raymond was seen fighting a guy in public over Cilla Royal, also a contestant of the show.

In a video that has gone viral, Raymond was having a lovely time with his date Cilla at a serene location when they were confronted by an unknown guy.

The guy who is a big fan of Cilla expressed his admiration for her and how he never misses an episode because of his love for her.

Raymond intervened and asked to guy to step back as he was interrupting their lovely date.

This resulted in a fierce argument between Raymond and the other guy where they almost exchanged blows.

Cilla, who was surprised about the turn of events tried to separate the guys from killing each other.

Watch the video below;

Well, some believe this whole altercation was just a plan to make them trend on social media.

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