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Report errant drivers who go against the 10% fare reduction directive — GPRTU National Chairman.

National Chairman of GPRTU, Mr. Kwame Kumah has stated that all drivers are under the rule of Ghana and must adhere to the regulations given, and should not overtake the fare.

This follows after meeting between transport unions and a subsequent issuance of a communique to all member transport unions for them to implement the 10 percent reduction by Saturday, August 1, 2020

Mr. Kumah stated that structures have been put in place and a monitoring team has been formed to check drivers from various regions and branches from cheating their passengers in terms of the fare. He added that letters have been sent through the team to the regions, which has also be forwarded to the regions and local branches to guide them in the determination of the fares. The monitoring team are responsible to check if drivers are taking the right fare as directed.

“If anyone says the fare has not been reduced, he should tell the particular place or region that has not been reduced”. If the information is given in details, the regional chair will be called to put them in order he says.

He added that “structures have been put in place”, if anyone goes against any directives given, he should be reported to the regional chairman so the necessary actions will be taken. Citizens should report any branch/region that refuses to reduce the fare so the monitoring team will investigate them and report for the appropriate sanction to applied accordingly.

Written by: Gadrey Philomena/

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