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SA school pulls satanic artwork after outcry


A school in South Africa has withdrawn an art exhibition after it was condemned as satanic by some Christians, News24 quotes a pastor who complained about it as saying.

“I am so glad. I think it’s from all the pressure, and all the unity of the Christian people sticking together, for these things to come down,” Pastor Andrew Anderson is quoted as saying.

The display, which is reportedly the work of a student at Grantleigh High School in Richard Bays town in the province of KwaZulu-Natal, featured drawings of Jesus and other Biblical references.

It also had a depiction of Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper with dollar signs on the lintel behind Jesus and torn pages from the Bible placed on the torso of a horned sculpture.

News24 reported that the young artist said in a statement that her works were far from “satanic”.

They explored the “commercialisation of contemporary organised religion as well as the monetary exploitation of the faithful by greedy individuals who hide behind the disguise of a church or similar pious institution”.

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