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Spark: Bring out the best

How do you bring out the best in others? By doing your best.
A teacher brings out the best in his students by giving his best in the classroom. A salesperson
brings out the best in his clients by giving the best possible service and attention. A manager
brings out the best in her employees by setting and example of diligent, consistent work.
And it works in every direction. Employees bring out the best in their employers by doing their
best possible work. Students bring out the best in their teachers when they are fully committed to
The people around you are a reflection of you. If you’re focused, responsible and full of energy
you’ll find that the people around you will be the same way. People naturally tend to relate with
you on your own wavelength. Your attitude is contagious.
Think of how you’d like people to be, and then be that way yourself. It all starts with you.
Kofi Asante Mensah
(Motivational Scientist)

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