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SPARK: What’s Holding You Back?

What things are holding you back, preventing you from reaching your full potential? We tend to avoid thinking about such things, because they can be painful. Or we blame our troubles and lack of progress on someone else. Avoiding the real issue may “feel” better at the moment. Yet it does nothing to move us forward.

The moment you honestly and clearly face your limitations, you begin to transcend them. Yes, it involves effort to work on your shortcomings. In the end, though it will be less effort than you would spend continually working against them.

Discovering your limitations gives you a powerful opportunity to be more effective. Once you remove something that’s holding you back, you’re finished fighting it. That gives you more energy to put into achieving your goals.

Take a good, hard look at your fears, your assumptions, your weaknesses. Admit them, and put your effort into overcoming them. It will pay a lifetime of dividends.


Kofi Asante Mensah

(Motivational Scientist)

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