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SPARK: Your Gift Work Vs Job

When a man is confused everybody is confuse. When a male struggles with who he is, what he was born to be, what his gift is, it affect the woman. You were born a male but you must become a man. But whether you become a woman or a man is a choice.

Been male or female is a biological reality, which you didn’t choose that. What makes a male a man?

What is manhood? And why is manhood important to a woman? The average male is struggling with this question. Manhood is not defined by the roles you perform; the key to man’s manhood is work. If a man is not happy with his work, he won’t be happy with his home.

God gave man work before he gave him a woman. A woman can never make you a man, work makes you a man.

Every human came on earth with a gift and you must discover and refined that gift to be fulfilled.Gift is what you were born to do and job is what you are paid to do. You retire with you job, but with gift you use it until you leave the earth (die).


Kofi Asante Mensah

(Motivational Scientist)

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