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The founder and Leader of the All Peoples Congress (APC), Mr. Hassan Ayariga says the filing fee the EC is too demanding and outrageous and should be reconsidered as we are not in normal times.

 He believes EC should emulate the leadership of the NPP and the president in that in this COVID season things are not the same anymore as it was previously and therefore, the filing fee should be reduced by 50% for both presidential and parliamentary so that at least the country is not seen as a “system that has been sold to the highest bidder and thinking Ghana is for people who have more money than brains”.

 He further added that the filing fee of GH¢100,000 is enormous a sum of money as there has not been any institution that has increased their workers salary by 100% either in the private or public sector following the outbreak of the virus.

“If the increment is to be done, options like salaries of the people who want to lead the country must be weighed and considered so that they do not encourage corruption.” He explained.

Hassan Ayariga again questioned if it is right to increase the filing fee by 100% or if there any motive behind the increment, “was it to scare or discourage some political leaders from contesting or it is the fact that they want to use the money for supervision?” He questioned.  He is certain that the EC had a working budget which have been approved by parliament.

The APC flag bearer further added that there are laws, regulations and acts governing what they do to make sure everybody has a good standing to apply for the position of presidency so therefore there is the need for the president and EC to critically look into the decision taken and reduce the percentage by half to enable them participate.

Speaking on the morning show of Asaase FM, Mr. Hassan Ayariga says the EC Chairperson madam Jean Adukwei Mensa requested for new names to be sent and also said about 192 people did not sign accurately, he responded by saying “signatures are not rubber stamps so therefore a signature is based on mood. I cannot resend papers to back to all 192 people to sign again” he added.

More so, he expressed that the APC were the first to download the presidential forms and have already started endorsing it where many of their party members have gone to the various constituencies and regions to continue their work.

Written by: Philomena Gadrey/

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