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The Ghana Armed Forces are NOT tribalistic — Governance expert


Tribal politics seem to be gaining roots as we near the 2020 general elections. The opposition National Democratic Congress has accused government of using the army to intimidate voltarians under the guise of them being foreigners, an accusation government has denied.

Speaking on the issue in an interview on GREEN FM’s Anopa Bosuo, Mr. Paul Boateng a governance expert and the Chief Executive Officer of the Africa Centre For Intelligence Service said it is wrong to tag a professional body such as the Ghana Armed Forces as belonging to a particular tribe and therefore favoring that tribe and meting out injustice to other minority tribes.

People are saying this particular government is practicing tribalism but this is wrong. It is not only Ahanatas for example who are in the military, so why would you tag them to a particular tribe.” He said

He explained this notion as awful and backward as he believes that every ministry or service in Ghana has a representative from almost every tribe in the country. “There are Ahantas in the Military likewise Akyems. You’d find every tribe in the military.He mentioned.

Further into the discussion the governance expert added that it is sad to see people from smaller tribes feel less of themselves which shouldn’t be so.

“We make our politics awful. Some people have set themselves out to make you see the bad side of another tribe because of the notion that that particular tribe belongs to a political party. We didn’t choose our tribes therefore we need to be confident and have some faith in ourselves as there are people from minute tribes who have risen up to become very influential in society and the world at large.” He argued.

According to the governance expert, Ghanaians should refrain from the perception that government is using our security agencies to intimidate Voltarians ahead of the 2020 elections as this is wrong and does not promote peace.

“The Ghana Armed forces is a professional body and therefore doesn’t practice tribal politics. We make politics ugly. It is disturbing that people have made up their minds to probe and bring out bad information concerning the armed forces.” He added

We all know the NPP and NDC have all tribes represented in it but you’d find more Voltarians in the NDC than and NPP whereas you will find more Akan’s in the NPP than the NDC. This doesn’t mean NDC is for Voltarians. Sometimes people can tell your political party when they hear your Surname this is awful.” He further lamented.

He finally advised the general public to be confident and proud of themselves irrespective of their tribes and political affiliations and added that Ghanaians must frown on political parties and aspirants who use tribal sentiments to score political points as this does not foster peace and oneness.

Written by: Naa Oshedu Lois/

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