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Over 20 years, as the democracy of Ghana has progressed, it has been realized that the life of the Member of Parliament is at risk. The constituency requires Article 71 office holders, which include the ministers and deputies as well as judges and members of parliament. But the constituency requires that the privileges and immunities should not be varied.

Looking at the other Article 71 office holders, ministers and others, the government has given them body guards but apart from that, they have been provided a 24 hour police protection in their homes yet the question asked is are the DCE’s and MCE’s higher or better than the MP’s? How is it that as a nation, we do not have any problem with the state providing the supreme court of justice and other court justices, but when the MP’s were mentioned, people had a problem with it.

Meanwhile, the members of parliament are also Article 71 office holders, it is long overdue and also in the right direction. I have argued that those asking about the general well-being of security situations in the country, Ghanaians should know that there is no MP whether past or present that will say the state should not improve security situation in the country Ghana. There is nothing wrong with improving the general security and wellbeing in the country at the same time providing around the clock security for members of parliament. He said.

He compared Ghana’s security system to that of UK, stating that they are more advanced with technology and their police are on their toes, yet in spite of everything, a sitting member of their parliament was stabbed to death. However, general security in the country does not necessarily translate to the MP’s being safe because some people might hate them for no reason and others may be based on a law passed by Public Accounts committee yet not everyone is happy with the exposé.

An MP could be a target for all manner of reasons. It has become necessary for everyone to treat all Article 71 office holders equally “what is good for the goose is equally good for the gander”, therefore it is good to give a judge round the clock protection in his house and a body guard, if it is okay to give a minister and a deputy round the clock protection, then it should not be a problem giving the MP because “we are all Article 71 office holders”.

Written by Gadrey Philomena/

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