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There can never be war in Ghana – International Diplomatic Consultant


International Diplomatic Consultant, Farouk Al Wahab, has emphatically stated that there can never be war in Ghana as we approach the general elections.

In an interview with Rev Nyansa Boakwa on Happy 98.9FM’s NsemPii, he said “Ghana is a solid country in terms of unity compared to other countries. Citizens will not allow war to take place in this country”.

Equating Ghana to other countries like Liberia and Ivory Coast he said “most citizens living in these countries don’t own houses of their own. Just a few of them own properties, the rest are government workers who stay in properties belonging to the government so they’re not bothered when they’re destroying.

“Unlike Ghana, where a Ghanaian man or woman who will go out in the sun to toil and build a house, there is no way a citizen like that will encourage war. They know the effort and money they put into building their house and encouraging war will definitely destroy their property so they won’t encourage it”.

He added, “Ghanaians do not only see themselves as landlords but see themselves as watchmen also. And since it’s the duty of watchmen to protect, then, what we do as Ghanaians is to protect”.

“Looking at Aglow Ghana and how these women gather every day to pray and intercede for this country, Ghanaians should forget about there being war come December 7”.

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