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Have you ever experienced sitting in a ‘trotro’ for so long that you wished walking would have been better?  Using a commercial vehicle in Ghana is a bit disheartening and stressful, one will think using the public transport is convenient.

Day in day out, people are faced with challenges, mostly on working days where people are in a hurry to get to their place of work or to go about their daily businesses. One of the things that an individual goes  through when using the commercial transport  (trotro) is that at every point the bus stops to pick up a passenger(s) or someone alights at one junction or the other with the ‘mate’ (conductor) calling out to pedestrians as well as people standing by the side of the road.

 There is always a misunderstanding between the mate and passengers where the change given is not intact or the fare demanded from the passenger is rather higher than the actual fare. It could be based on the fact that the change to be collected was short of some coins especially 20 to 50 Ghana pesewas or the note given as change is either dirty or torn.

There are instances where the vehicle breaks down at a point with passengers shouting at the mate for either reimbursement or requesting for a different vehicle to convey them to their destination but mostly, the driver and his mate may have a different agenda which involves passengers waiting till the vehicle is fixed so they do not lose their daily sales.

Aside that, there is a problem of one person joining the bus looking all sweaty and exhausted without a handkerchief nor a tissue paper to wipe the sweat. These are the people who will sit very close to the next person and end up wiping their sweat on the person all in the name of vehicle dangling from left to right claiming to ask the person they are sitting next to, to sit for them to sit well.

However, the greatest thing about trotro is how the drivers sometimes find short cuts to avoid traffics on the road, that is when they are also in a hurry to make more sales but sometimes some drivers will intentionally stay in traffic and allow other drivers who breach road rules by using the side of the road to join in front of them delaying their passengers who are already late and are agitated.

In conclusion, trotro is cheaper as compared to picking a taxi, Uber, Yango or Bolt to one’s destination and it is important to someone who does not own a vehicle or any means of transport.

Written by: Philomena Gadrey/

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