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 Executive Director for Bureau of Public Safety, Nana Yaw Akwada, has said about 3 months ago, the Ghana public safety and crimes was announced by them for something to be done about the high rate of violent crimes happening in the country.

With regards to people owning guns, the violent crimes occurring is about 43% which has to do with guns whilst 41% has to do with butchering using sharp equipment’s. Most people who died or were killed happened during transition thus from home to work and vice versa. It is very important that the nation puts things in its right place to curtail more incident from occurring.

He said he is not sure their organizations call was taken into consideration, for that reason, everyone that saw what happened.

Speaking on the issue of the death of the MP as well as other deaths that happened during the insecurities, he extended his condolences to all the affected families, but then he made claims that it will not be based on the death of the MP that will make police officers be put in charge of MP’s for their security and protection, but if it is put that way, then the conversation was not fashioned well.

He asked if police protection was assigned to a particular category of persons, what about the professor who was killed in his house or the nurse who was raped and killed when she was returning from her shift? If this is the way it is done, then it will not work hence they should find a way to do what will benefit every Ghanaian and not just those they think are important, because every Ghanaian must benefit from the protection they are trying to put in place.

If the police protection is for the prominent people, we as a civil society and non-governmental organization are saying it is not supposed to be in favor of only the MP’s, after all they are ‘People’s Representatives’ that is why during campaign they do certain things to win the votes of their constituents.

He questioned the reason behind requesting for protection and who they are protecting themselves from? Protection should be given to all Ghanaians, the police to civilian ratio in Ghana is in excess of 1:800 plus, so if two hundred and seventy five (275) police already for a police force is under the effect to protect them, it will reduce and by doing so, it will weaken the police and embolden the criminals further since everything that needs to be taken care of has been done. “No one is thinking about us

Using the traffic as a reference, he explained that the when civilians complain about traffic affecting them, the ministers do not experience it because they do not know how it is since they do not stay in traffic because they have police escort leading them but the civilians have no choice than to stay in traffic, same way they enjoy all the energy resources in Ghana for free whilst civilians end up paying for them.

Those who are a bit close to civilians and help them with their security has been taken out. It should not be done since it will be the last line defense and if the country is not cautious, everyone will die.

Conversations should be put in proper perspectives, the MP’s are voted for by Ghanaians to think about their wellbeing and not for them to think about only their wellbeing. If ordinary citizens could be attacked and killed from their journey and the same thing could happen to an MP, the understanding is that the protection arrangements in the country is not appealing meanwhile their work is to ensure that the protection would be done well so everyone would be at peace and not because an MP has been killed so the protection method has failed, so the police should be given guns to follow the MP’s.

“Does it mean the nurse working for the country or ordinary person that voted for them that was killed doesn’t matter?”  The whole issue is that the public safety is not pleasing so they should check it since they are in authority and also find very good ways to make laws that will help and make Ghanaians feel at peace. That is what it is supposed to be and not for them to feel comfortable than those who put them in that position. He questioned.

It is said that if there is something to be done that will make everyone comfortable or at peace; CCTV coverage of spaces should be improved as well as police response time and equipment given to them maintained. Since 1992, every government buys cars for the police officers but always the police does not have cars. Distribution of the cars should be checked and from time to time they must be asked to account to the house of parliament to the people to be abreast with the information and how they have been able to reduce crimes to an extent. Nana Yaw Akwada advised.

All these things lagging is preventing the citizens from knowing the crime rate in the country and crime clearance rate meanwhile there are big people in authority of police who are paid and given some incentives, but in this year 2020, the police has received more than 300 vehicles but “how is it possible that armed robbers could block roads in a democratic stabilized country where institutions are supposed to be working that robbers could block a transnational road between 6 to 9 hours before the police or security services could mobilize to counter them”. He claimed.

The Executive Director encouraged that it shows things are not going on well and measures should be put in place as quickly as possible. Security issues is not for just those in uniform but it is for every citizen to get involved. We are suffering because we have made the work difficult for the police and everything have been twisted that is why the country is fumbling.

Written by Gadrey Philomena/

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