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Kpeshie Divisional Police Commander, ACP Francis K. Tsidi talks on the dissolvent of the Nigeria Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) and in relation with the praises from the Nigerian citizens based on the hard work of the Ghana Police Service.

On the Anopa Bosuo show – Green FM, he said that speaking about the performance of the Ghana Police Service (GPS) for the near three (3) to four (4) years ago, “there was a study done on African Police servicing and Ghana Police came as three or so”. He stated

According to the ACP Tsidi, the Ghana police is aiming to be the superlative in the world in terms of performances,

To talk of performance, looking at our division the GPS are not aspiring to be the first in African but rather aspiring to be the best in the world”. He added

He further explained that the comments coming in from other countries are complimentary, Ghana police has stretched this level for the reason that Ghanaians has made it like that and also the making of the government, “Ghana Police is just the reflection of what Ghana is”. He added 

ACP Tsidi added that, in terms of criminality the Ghana police does not concern the nationality of the suspect and that their training is in such in a way that “we do not look at who you are to do our job”. Adding to it he said that the Kpeshie division has a proportion of non-nationals then but they don’t burden the municipal due to this, “I organized forces for all my stuffs, personnel’s and also trained them on how to relate to people who will deal with special on foreigners to avoid bad things from scattering

He finally advised Ghanaians to help maintain peace in the country and asked the Ghana Police Service to ensure that there is peace in the country in terms of the non-national citizens.

Written by: Nyarko Yaa Sarkodie/

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