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Wear your nose mask or be arrested — GPRTU chairman to drivers


Transport fares have been reduced by 10% as at august 1, 2020. This follows a decision by government to ease off some of the Covid – 19 restrictions and hence allow public transports load to full capacity. Subsequent to this has been several concerns raised by passengers such that drivers have not reduced transport fares just yet.

Mr. Kwame Kumah the National Chairman of the GPRTU in an interview on Anopa Bosuo – Green FM confirmed that transport fares have indeed been reduced and further added that drivers that fail to reduce transport fares are to be reported to the GPRTU district offices across the country.

“We have put in place structures as not all people can report to the Accra office. I would give out some numbers so passengers can report offenders to our district offices across the country.” He said.

According to the GPRTU boss, before the union was allowed to load to full capacity, government asked that they ensure all passengers wear a face mask before they join their buses as the police will arrest and prosecute offenders.

“If you are a driver and you fail to wear a nose mask the police can arrest you.” He declared.

He again urged all drivers to adhere to the normal 10% reduction as failing to do so is against the law.

He also asked that drivers at this time empathize with passengers as they have on several occasions empathize with drivers when transport and fuel tariffs were increased.

“If we’ve been given the privilege to take to full capacity, then we have to reduce our tariffs. Not reducing yours means going against the law as a driver and you will be punished as such if you refuse to abide by the rules. Let’s act as citizens and obey the law.” The GPRTU boss affirmed.

In agreement to his earlier statement, Mr. Kuma argued that some drivers and bus conductors (mates) mete out disrespect and cruelty to their passengers and this attitude is one that must be frowned upon. They should be respectful enough. If passengers do not board your car where will you get money to feed your family?” He lashed out!

He finally advised passengers to treat drivers and mates with respect as they qualify to be their husbands and wives at home.

“Let’s all respect each other. This action is a collective responsibility if the mate is not taking the actual amount talk about it. Report them!” He advised.

Written by: Naa Oshedu Lois/

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