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Wedding Invitation Cards Of Date Rush Guy Allegedly Hits The Internet | Photos

One guy who is currently trending on the internet is Ignatius. This young guy went on live TV to make his name.
He got featured on TV3’s popular TV show, Date Rush and humiliated all the 10 ladies.

Date Rush is a program to give single guys and ladies the opportunity to meet and choose a lady of their choice for a date and a guy at a time gets the opportunity to interact with 10 ladies and if lucky, walks home with one of his choices.

Well, this Ignatius guy who happens to be the CEO of an NGO went there to try his luck at the 9 out of the 10 ladies chose him.

Since he couldn’t take all 9, he had to pick only one for a date, however, Ignatius ended up snubbing all the girls.

After snubbing them, he is claiming these ladies chose him based on other reason different from love and this didn’t sit down well some of the ladies as they hit back at him.

But it seems there is more to it as his wedding invitation card has hit the internet and a lady who claims she is the ex-fiancee of the guy saying he is a womanizer.

Contrary to what he said that he is well to do, he is very broke.

Per what we saw on the invitation card, he was supposed to marry on 19 April 2020 but due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the wedding didn’t come on as planned.

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