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Why Akufo-Addo wore ‘remnant of broken pot’ fabric during 9th coronavirus update

Ghana’s coronavirus case count continues to accelerate; so are the calls on Ghanaians to unite and fight the common enemy. With the number of infections leaping to 4,700, death toll rising to 22, there are fears many will contract the disease and the repercussion will be profound although some take solace from the fact that 378 persons have recovered.

On his 9th televised address to the nation as regards the progress of the fight against the deadly virus, President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, known for donning locally-made fabrics encouraged the general public to adhere to the preventive protocols, stressing that there is hope if the populace observe the measures while government does its part.

As usual, he first made the communication through the fabric he wore.

“The President Nana Addo wore nkyenfre fabric [The residue or remnant of broken pot] Prez. Akuffo Addo is telling us it’s broken but we can still make it better with what we have as a nation,” a tweep known for having a background in artistry tweeted, Sunday.

Having done this consistently, many started tweeting at him immediately the president appeared on the screens. They were itching to know the name of the fabric and what it signifies.

But the tweep who tweets with the handle @ChristDeKing kept them in suspense as he waited for the president to end his address before the education.

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